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Tradescantia 'Charlotte's Web'

A new Spiderwort for all areas, 'Charlotte's Web' will provide gorgeous gold color and not burn in full sun! Perhaps best in filtered shade, this perennial likes consistent moisture to stay looking nice and upright.

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Agastache 'Rosie Posie'

This incredibly easy to grow perennial is perfect for the full sun areas of your garden. Incredible drought tolerance makes 'Rosie Posie' a great low maintenance option, especially during hot summer months. Use this plant along the front of the border and to attract pollinators to your garden.

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Lagerstroemia 'Cherry Mocha'

This sub-shrub from the Barista® Collection is perfect for adding year round interest to the garden. Glossy foliage and shiny seed heads add interest even when the plant is not in bloom. Although it thrives in hot, sunny places, 'Cherry Mocha' is hardy to Zone 6.

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