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Lagerstroemia 'Like a Latte' PP28778

BARISTA® Collection

Common Name: Crapemyrtle

This selection has a petite habit with branched, woody stems. New foliage emerges coppery red with a gloss finish that matches the stems. The overall look of the foliage is dark green with burgundy veining. For most of the summer, this shrub can be admired for its attractive foliage, but starting in late summer, glossy coppery red buds open to pure white flowers. These flower clusters look like the foam that covers a latte drink—a perfect flowery finish to the summer season. Attractive green seed pods follow the flowering performance. 

Crapemyrtle have long been a popular flowering shrub in the south, and it's time that these beautiful flowering shrubs made a splash in the Northern market! The hybridizing team at Walters Gardens has worked hard toward selections that perform well in our West Michigan climate. All of the members of this collection bloom on new wood, so you can expect a great flowering performance year after year.

Note to southern growers: all measurements are based on plant performance in Michigan. In warmer zones without winter die back, mature height will be taller.