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Veronica 'Ever After' CPBRAF PP35035

MAGIC SHOW® Collection

Common Name: Spike Speedwell

Similar to 'White Wands' but with a lavender blue flower, 'Ever After' is among the longest blooming Veronica now available. 'Ever After' has flower spikes that reach nearly a foot in length, with each spike showing color for many weeks. An excellent season extender! In peak, flowers cover the top two thirds of the plant. The flowers are self-cleaning, resulting in a fresher looking plant in the landscape. Vernalization required for best performance.

Veronica is highly valued for its ease of growth and long bloom time. The spiky flowers are an excellent contrast to the more common rounded flower shapes like Shasta Daisies, Coneflower, and Black Eyed Susans. Expect bees to be buzzing about this plant when in bloom.

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